Hi, I’m Chrissy Allison, former middle school teacher and math coach on a mission to help educators create a positive classroom community and reach every learner, while finding balance in their own lives. 

Since I’ve left the classroom, I’ve learned so much about equity in education, building classroom community, math instructional practices that increase accessibility and learning, mindfulness and self care, and ways to maximize time and impact through focused work and prioritization. 

I created Mindful Math Coach to support math teachers and instructional coaches as they work to improve teaching and learning at their schools through knowledge sharing, storytelling, and opportunities to learn from and with me. 

If you’re an educator who’s working hard to accelerate your students’ confidence and understanding in math, you’re in the right place! I want to be your Mindful Math Coach as we join forces on this math improvement journey.
Supporting Math Teaching & Learning
Building Classroom Community 
A strong classroom community is the foundation for deep math learning. Gain inspiration to create a vision for strong math teaching and learning in your classroom, and learn how to invest your students in that vision. Build a positive math identity and help students gain confidence.
Shifting Practice To Increase Learning
 All students deserve access to grade level content, a skilled teacher who facilitates their learning, and the opportunity to engage in deep thinking about mathematics. Through resources, trainings, and coaching, I support teachers to adopt high-impact instructional practices.
Addressing Unfinished Learning 
Middle school and high school students enter our classrooms with varying amounts of prior knowledge. I provide guidance, high-impact strategies, and implementation support to help you create a bridge to grade level math while strengthening  the most essential prerequisites.
What Math Educators Are Saying
"...awesome coach who cares about the struggles of being an educator..."
If you need help with time management or deciphering what is most important, you should work with Chrissy because she will move mountains to assure that you are equipped with the tools and resources to meet your needs. She is an awesome coach who cares about the struggles of being an educator and knows what it feels like. She has been on both sides of the spectrum.
Nicolette, HS Algebra 1 Teacher
"I have learned... how to invest students in my class..."
I did not fully realize that the systems I set in place by my actions were negatively impacting my classroom to the extent that they were. After working with Chrissy, I knew that I could have successful class periods where students engage in productive work and have meaningful learning experiences. I have learned not only about planning lessons, but also how to invest students in my class as well.
Asia, 7th & 8th Grade Teacher
"...I learned new questioning strategies to use in my classroom..."
Prior to working with Chrissy, I was doing most of the heavy lifting in my classroom. Chrissy helped me change my mindset when teaching math, and I learned new questioning strategies to use in my classroom which helped me get a better understanding of what my students knew and did not know. I feel that I am now the math teacher I am today because of Chrissy.
Kelly, Math Interventionist
The Mindful Math Podcast
Listen in to The Mindful Math Podcast where week by week, host Chrissy Allison brings you the mindset tips, instructional strategies, time-saving tricks, and stories of lessons learned that can help you be at YOUR best so you can best serve your students.

A big believer in the 80/20 rule, Chrissy wants to help YOU answer this question above all others: Where should I focus my efforts to make the MOST IMPACT on my students’ learning experience and math proficiency? In short, what actions truly move the needle when it comes to math?

Drawing from her vast experience as a math educator over the past two decades, Chrissy shares practical advice you can use to create a positive community in your math classroom, reach every learner no matter their starting point, all while finding balance in your own life.

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