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10 High-Impact Strategies & 'How To' Guides, Daily Planning Guide, & Deficit vs. Asset-Based Language in Math Chart
Practical advice for math educators to reach every learner, facilitate positive learning experiences for students, 
and find balance in their own lives.
Welcome to The Mindful Math Podcast where week by week, host Chrissy Allison brings you the mindset tips, instructional strategies, time-saving tricks, and stories of lessons learned to help you be at YOUR best as an educator so you can serve your students at the highest level.

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I had to hear about this book at least 5 times before I started reading it… and trust me, it was worth it! Luckily, my friend and fellow math coach, Tom Redmon, was persistent, and *finally* convinced me to pick it up. He wasn’t wrong – Building Thinking Classrooms by Peter Liljedahl is SO GOOD! I can’t say enough positive things about it. Seriously. In this episode, Tom and I share our biggest takeaways and discuss why the book had such an impact on us. If you’re looking for a simple way to engage students during math class so THEY are the ones doing the thinking (instead of you), then do yourself a favor and make Building Thinking Classrooms your next read. 
Have you ever asked yourself:
  • How can I find time for myself as a teacher? 
  • ​How can I build a classroom community that supports deep learning of mathematics? 
  • ​What does equitable instruction entail, and what mindsets, opportunities, strategies, and outcomes are necessary to achieve it? 
  • ​How can I teach in a way that reaches all students, including students who enter my class with a lot of unfinished learning?
  • ​What are the most effective ways to increase access to grade-level math and help ‘bridge the gap’?

A big believer in the 80/20 rule, Chrissy wants to help YOU answer this question above all others: Where should I focus my efforts to make the MOST IMPACT on my students’ learning experiences and math proficiency? In short, what actions truly move the needle when it comes to math?

Drawing from her vast experience as a math educator over the past two decades, Chrissy shares practical advice you can use to create a positive math community and reach every learner no matter their starting point -- all while finding balance in your own life.

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Episode List

1 - Missing Links In The Math Improvement Chain

2 - Prioritize Yourself AND Your Students With This Time-Saving Rule

3 - Want Breakthrough Results In Math? Focus On These 3 Factors

4 - My Journey From Ignorance Towards Antiracism (Part 1)

5 - My Journey From Ignorance Towards Antiracism (Part 2)

6 - What Does Mindfulness Have To Do With Math?

7 - Top 3 Reasons To Build Classroom Community

8 - T or F? Students With Unfinished Learning Can Access Grade-Level Math

9 - Why I Groan When I Hear ‘Personalized Learning’

10 - Reach All Students And Increase Joy With THIS Lesson Type

11 - Change Your Language, Empower Your Students

12 - How To Get Kids To Talk In Math Class - with Paula Murphy

13 - Changing The Game Through Self-Efficacy - with Andrea “Fitz” Fitzgerald

14 - Maximize Your Planning Time With These Resources And Tips

15 - What Exactly Is Equity In Math? - with Vanna O’Conner

16 - Leaning Into Self Compassion - with Dr. Angela Brooks

17 - Making Learning Sticky - with Dr. Teresa Patitucci

18 - Creating A Math Community In A Remote Setting

19 - To Do List Too Long? When To “Just Get It Done” - with Megan Alvarez

20 - Helping Students Move From “I Can’t” to “I Can” - with Tiayana Marks

21 - Staying Calm When Emotions Are High in Math - with Jen Newberry

22 - Moving Beyond, “What Should I Do First?”

23 - Avoid Bland Math Lessons By Adding Spice - with Tamala Wiley

24 - Want More Free Time? Join My FREE Challenge

25 - The Concerning Threat Of Stereotype Threat - with John Silverthorne

26 - Feeling Burned Out? How To Refuel Through Self Care - with Jasmine Lamitte

27 - A Simple Solution You Can Use To Support Unfinished Learning

28 - Profound Ways To Connect Through Math - with Ryan Colon

29 - The Magic of Managing Up - with Marissa Geist

30 - Why White Supremacy Culture Is A Problem - with Adrienne Williams

31 - A Better Day Is 6 Minutes Away - with Tabitha Cee

* Bonus New Years Episode - My 2020 Takeaways *

32 - Do You REALLY Know The Math? - with Katy Buckland

33 - Can External Rewards Build Internal Motivation? - with Joy Blake

34 - What Are The MOST Important Math Standards To Teach? - with Becca Varon

35 - Getting Started With Racial Equity Work - with Rashaan Davis

36 - Conscious Math Practices That Promote Equity - with Megan Morin

37 - The Emotional Side Of Academic Struggle

38 - Lessons Learned In Classroom Management - with Nathan Vann

39 - Focus + Progress = Momentum + Success

40 - Redefining Mathematical Success - with Rolanda Baldwin

41 - 5 Reasons To Know & Love Your Strengths

42 - Putting Students In The Driver’s Seat - with Karla Morris

43 - Using Visual Patterns for Sense-Making - with Fawn Nguyen

44 - The Art & Science Of Leadership - with Dr. Keonna White

45 - The Greatest Challenges Math Teachers Face - guest host Nathan Vann

46 - Tackling The Tricky Topic Of Math Intervention - with Astrid Fossum

47 - No Silver Bullets, But These 3 Things Make A Difference

48 - Ditch I Do, We Do, You Do As Your Go-To - with Tom McDougal

49 - Let’s Make Math Minimalism A Thing

50 - Switching Math Curricula: When, Why, & How - with Leanna Lantz

51 - Navigating Your Way Out Of The Drama Triangle - with Maggie Riley

52 - Embracing a Pedagogy of Love - with Dr. Kimya Barden

53 - Sparking Curiosity & Fueling Sense-Making - with Jon Orr and Kyle Pearce

54 - Teaching With Humanity & Dignifying Students - with Jessica Marshall

55 - Designing Curriculum That Supports Culturally Responsive Pedagogy - with Dionne Aminata

56 - Preventing Teacher Burnout - with Tim Schwarz

57 - Behind The Scenes Of My Bridge To Grade-Level Math Series

58 - Pushing Past Perfectionism - with Lisa Westholder

59 - A Conversation Around High School Math - with Barbara Beske

60 - 3 Things You (Probably) Don't Need To Improve Math Instruction At Your School

61 - New In Your Role? Two Things You Need

62 - The Biggest Barriers To Teacher Growth

63 - Preventing & Overcoming Math Trauma - with Dr. Kim Melgar

64 - Real Life Problems Of Practice (from my mentorship clients)

65 - Balancing It All As A Busy Educator - with Sauda Porter

66 - What To Do When You’re Behind On Pacing

67 - What Math Rigor Is -- And What It's Not

68 - Just *Right* Leadership

69 - 3 Math Improvement Mistakes You Don't Want to Make (AUDIO only)

69 - 3 Math Improvement Mistakes You Don't Want to Make (WEBINAR)

70 - The Math Ed Book You HAVE To Read - with Tom Redmon

71 - Case Study: How One Chicago School Made Dramatic Gains In One Year - with Winnie Stevenson

* Bonus Parent Episode Playlist *

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