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"How To Design Math PD That 
ACTUALLY  Shifts Teacher Practice"

C H R I S S Y   A L L I S O N
Discover My Exact Process:
  • Secret #1: The 3 biggest mistakes math leaders make when designing and delivering PD.
  • Secret #2: The plug-and-play structure you can use to ensure learning is meaningful and actionable.
  • ​Secret #3: The #1 thing you can do to ensure teachers take action on their learning.

What School Leaders Are Saying About Chrissy...

Karla Morris,
High School Math & Science Instructional Leader
"Chrissy's wealth of knowledge and experience as a teacher, leader, coach and consultant give her the vantage point of so many stakeholders; as a result she has the ability to increase student achievement in the math classroom from each of those 
vantage points."
Katy Buckland,
Middle School Dean of Curriculum & Instruction
"Chrissy is an absolute masterful PD designer and facilitator. Her sessions are engaging, thought-provoking, and most importantly, impactful. I've witnessed teachers' practice (and students' experience) change for the better overnight as a result of sessions that she has led. I can't recommend her PDs highly enough!"
Tamala Wiley,
Former Math Teacher & Coach; Director of Partnerships
"Chrissy designs professional 
learning experiences that challenge mindsets, names clear expectations for improvement, and leverages 
the expertise of participants 
through collaboration and 
community building."

Ready to plan PD that inspires teacher action and improves student learning in math?


As a former math teacher myself, I know what teachers WANT and NEED.

As a former math coach, I understand the challenge of juggling 5,000 priorities -- including planning the Friday PD!

As the Director of Math Professional Learning for over 5 years, I designed 30+ sessions that help teachers change practice.

YOU ARE INVITED... learn the 3 BIGGEST MISTAKES leaders make with math PD.

... to adopt my 5-PART STRUCTURE to design PD that changes practice.

... to apply the #1 TIP to ensure teachers take action based on their learning.

Michelle Cancilla,
Director of School Support at the Achievement Network
"I appreciate that Chrissy consistently keeps the student experience and outcomes in mind as she designs her PDs. She understands how critical it is for teacher PD to be immediately relevant to the teachers attending. She designs meaningful experiences that help the learning stick!"
Andrea "Fitz" Fitzgerald,
Consultant, Speaker & Author for Math Educators
"Chrissy is a beast when it comes to designing strong professional learning! She not only shares the research behind the information, but provides tools for participants to use as well. Her content knowledge is unmatched while also making it relevant to what teachers are doing in the classroom. If you want to have strong PD, Chrissy is IT!"
Leanna Lantz,
Senior Director Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
"Chrissy has supported our school network by designing and leading professional development workshops for our math teachers and Instructional Leaders on a variety of strategies and practices. Her sessions are thought provoking and action orientated, resulting in immediate shifts in our Math classrooms."
If you're frustrated about not seeing a change 
in teacher practice, this training is perfect for you.

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Meet Your Coach & Trainer
Mindful Math Coach’s core purpose is to support secondary math educators to provide equitable learning experiences for students of color, leading to equitable outcomes. Through free resources such as The Mindful Math Podcast, and paid online workshops, educators will gain knowledge and skills in 3 key areas: building classroom community, equitable instructional practice, and supporting students with unfinished learning alongside grade-level content.

After six years in the classroom, Chrissy became an instructional leader where she coached middle school teachers for several years. She led the math team to increase the school’s Illinois Standardized Assessment Test (ISAT) from 51% to 79% within three years. In 2012, she successfully managed and supported the school’s transition to the CCSS in Math.
As Director of Math Professional Learning at the Achievement Network (ANet), Chrissy designed over 30 math professional learning sessions on the topics of Rigor, Coherence, Expressions & Equations, Ratios & Proportional Reasoning, Math Tasks, and Unfinished Learning. In 2019, she stepped into the Director of Math Content Design at Teaching Lab where she helped build and lead the design team for one year before resigning to focus on Mindful Math Coach full-time.

Her vast experiences provide the necessary perspective to help schools and teachers shift their  instructional practices to better support students. Chrissy has trained hundreds of teachers and leaders on topics related to teaching and learning math.  She has facilitated math professional learning for educators across the country, including national conferences such as the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics (NCSM) and SAP's Leading the Core Conference. 
Chrissy earned a B.S. in Elementary Education, minoring in mathematics from Carroll University, and went on to receive a M.S. from Northwestern University in Elementary Education. She resides in Chicago with her husband, Dan, and two children, Liviana and Otto.
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